Is it too early to start packing?

It's a lovely 44 degrees in Middle TN today...and the weather-people are taunting the children with "snow maybes" and boosting Kroger's daily sales, I'm sure. Southerner's deal with any threat of snow by buying groceries--something I've always found amusing, even though I am genetically required to participate in the "it-might-snow-three-flakes-we-must-stock-up" run to the grocery. Honestly, I would love to see some snow...I'm in desperate need of something new to photograph and snow is always so fun but if it could hold off for one more day, I'd be grateful.

All in all, I am wishing for the time to pass just a bit more quickly. Our cruise to Jamaica/Grand Cayman leaves from Fort Lauderdale on March 1. We are flying down a day early. That's 44 days.

I'm so ready.

In other news, the information about the Quickutz Club has been posted on the Scrap'n Memories blog, along with the 2 pages we'll be doing in the introductory class. I'm so excited about this! Did you see the new release yesterday...that huge Diesel. Lovin' that.

Speaking of Quickutz, a few weeks ago, my honey was training a colleague in central Utah. They were seeing old clients and calling on potential ones all over Orem. At one point during the day, they stopped to see a client and as they were entering the building, Joal stopped short. He was looking at a sign for a different office and he said to his partner, "Dude, do you know how much of my money goes to that company?" Sure enough, he was standing smack dab in front of the Quickutz home office! (I would kill for a picture.) :)

Lucky boy.

Anyway, I must be in a mood or something (or something) because little things seem to be annoying me to no end lately. For example, why can't my mail carrier close my mailbox door all the way? Is wet mail a requirement for customer satisfaction these days? And why do 11-year-old boys refuse to close cabinet doors and refrigerator doors? Is this really so hard? And why does Lisa Bearnson (maven of scrapbooking) have to call her latest kit of the month "The Greatest Love Story Ever Told"? Come on. I get that every love story is great but let's not go overboard. Even the greatest love story is not *the greatest love story ever told*...seems to me that title should belong to something a little more divine and a little less about paper hearts and stickers.

And why did Publix stop stocking my favorite cups of yogurt?

It's a nasty, winter mood, I tell you and there's only one cure...a beach in the Caribbean. :) In 44 days.


Christy B said...

Hey Sarah - Christy here .... back in the world of scrapping (at little - at least reading blogs!) I hear ya about the beach. We are heading out in July and thats WAY to far away! I've gotta find a way to get to one a lot sooner!!

Jessica said...

It really is a beautiful kit though.