I've acquired several new sets of clear stamps lately and last night I finally got them into CD cases. Being organized always feels so good. :)

Did you know that acrylic stamps are not actually acrylic stamps? The stamps are made of photopolymer. It's the blocks that are acrylic. Kinda like altering isn't really altering...

I have a quick card project on the Scrap'n Memories blog.

  • Did you read the Sweet Pickles Books as a child? I found one of them--Yakety Yak Yak Yak--at The Salvation Army for 39 cents last week and boy, did it take me back. I know some adults who could stand a good reading of this book. :) Especially in the age of cell-phone stupidity.


Patter Cross said...

Congrats on getting organized. It feels so good!

Stephanie said...

I have the complete set of Sweet Pickles books. My 29 year old daughter just reminded me 2 weeks ago that I need to go into the attic and get them downstairs. She wants to re-read them. How cool is that!
Note to self: Relocate books to bookcase.