Have you ever ripped a photo?

So you know that I have an intense love for tearing paper, right?
Including photo paper.
Torn photos...what a criminal act.
Say a prayer for me on Monday, if you can--I'm going to the dentist. Before discovering sedation dentistry, I was tormented by the dentist. Now, it's downgraded to a just a necessary evil. With sedation, I take a pill the night before and two pills the morning of and sleep like a baby. No running back and forth for multiple appointments, no hairy anxiety, no pain. Come home and sleep it off for about twelve hours. I remember nothing. It's the only way to go, if you ask me.
Joal's home. (Those are two very sweet words.) He went to Dallas this week to record a training DVD for his company. I've been ribbing him about being a movie star...ahhh, yes, a man of many talents I am married to. LOL!
Happy World Card Making Day!
What's your favorite kind of chocolate?
PS I can't figure out what is making my blog posts be so sporadically spaced. I'm working on it.

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