Simple Girl

It's true. I'm a simple girl and simple things make me happy. No high-maintanance issues here.

I've been looking for this particular set of Club Scrap stamps for years and was thrilled to find them listed on SBA a few days ago for $2.50. (Can you say bargain?) They arrived in my mailbox today and it totally made my day.

Last night I made a new grocery shopping/recipe journal using my last sheet of what is most likely my all-time favorite paper from Scenic Route. Yes, I've been hoarding it for something special because it's my last sheet. It's truly vintage. :) It's no longer available from Scenic Route. I tried to make it dressy but after several unsatisfactory attemps, I gave up and left it as is. It's nice to have a fresh place to keep recipe ideas and grocery lists.

In other news, my blog friend Mimi completed this little meme (Mimi, meme...funny huh) and I thought it was too good to pass up. Hey, it's food-related. I can do a food-meme with my eyes closed. :)

Take the letters of your name and add a food-related factoid for each one.

S-Salt. I love salt and salty things. From childhood, I have over-salted, most everything. One of my limited memories of my maternal grandmother is that she was always saying salt would "dry up your blood". Turns out she's right, but I still love it. Especially kosher salt.

A-Averse to anything black. I don't do black olives, squid ink, or anything "blackened". I've always thought blackened was a fancy way of saying "burned", and I'm not buying it. Something about black just isn't appetizing to me.

R-Recipes. I enjoy reading recipes. I rarely cook anything new...but I love recipes.

A-Apples. I think apples are one of the most wonderful fruits on the planet. See, another simple thing.

H-Hot Ham and Cheese, Grilled. This is my "go to" food for anytime someone in my house is sick or we are crunched for time. It's like a magic food. Always tastes good (unless of course, you end up with it "blackened") and always soothes. Have you ever made a Double-Decker Grilled Ham and Cheese on Sourdough bread? Now that, my friends, is divine.

And finally, I have the Monday Challenge up over at the Scrap'n Memories blog. Check it out.

So now you know.


Mimi said...

$2.50? no way! Good shopping! That is a cool set! I am now thinking I need it.

Yes, I loved that same set of Scenic Route (except my favorite was the red version) I have some sitting around too, I should use it on my drawers...oooh good idea. Thanks!

And, great Meme! I love it. Salt, very good. Blackened = burned, I agree!

Have a great Tuesday!

Robbye said...

Here is my meme...

R - Raspberry preserves...I really enjoy this lovely taste and didn't even realize it until I tried a new recipe out of my collection of recipe books...yes I too enjoy reading recipe books...I probably have a hundred in my collection.

O - Oatmeal Raisin Cookies...these are one of my favorite kind of cookies in the world...I would have to say I've tasted some that I definitely thought that my dog wouldn't enjoy.

B - Beans...I like all types of, green, pinto, baked, navy, jelly, and refried...most any kind.

B - Bananas...Another one of my favorite things...with peanut butter, jelly, in a shake, in bread, in ice cream, with chocolate, just by themselves...My husband even likes them with mayo...I haven't tried this yet.

Y - Yogurt...I always thought that I hated yogurt and in the last two years re-evaluated the taste again because all the talk about it being so good for you...I found out that I do like frozen yogurt and also Yoplait.

E - Eggs...what else can I say!!!

Thanks Sarah that was fun!!!