I Will Not Make the Leap.

I will not get into digital scrapbooking.
I will not get into digital scrapbooking.
I will not...

So I have had this little label image kit in my cart at 2Peas for-ever. Something about it just rings my bell. It's $4. I couldn't buy a package of labels for $4, right. And look how many sizes...

So, today I caved and bought said kit. Thank you Jennifer Pebbles. Doesn't she just have the perfect name for being a Pea?

And have been cutting out swooshy labels all evening. Just look at all the gallery layouts showing the possibilites! I'm positively stoked. Even though I showed Joal and I think he somehow didn't quite catch on to my excitement. I learned something new today.

I also found a few things that interest me today:

A scrap blog - My Next Thirty Years

Another paper lover blog - Cut 'n Paste (Caarolyn Peeler, the amazing)

A commentary from Phyllis Schlafly on the Crisis for Boys in Education - Eagle Forum Commentary on the Radio (scroll down the menu)

And finally, Messenger of Joy.

But then I also said I would never wear a sleeveless dress and I'm considering this one for the cruise. I like the color. Alot. I'm waffleing on the shortness that would require heels. I'm 5'6". I don't usually do heels.

So now you know.


toners said...

Love that dress! I'm another one who just doesn't do heels - so good luck! Happy Halloween :)

Sherry said...

Love the dress... and congrats on the new technique you learned.

Debby said...

It's a really cute dress! Here's another thought, if you want to, we could see about finding same color fabric, similar pattern (or one you like better) and I can make it for you - thus making it the length that would suit the type of shoes you want, and possibly being less expensive (though I don't know how much this one is going for). Anyway, the offer stands, I'd enjoy making something for you, so just let me know! Hope you are all doing well, I miss seeing you!

TracieClaiborne said...

Love the dress...ooh, la, la.

I enjoyed reading your homeschooling post.
I would like to hear more about your plans for your youngest child and why you will or will not homeschool him.

You are so insightful!