So you may have noticed that there's a new(ish) term floating around the scrap community--"hybrid scrapbooking". This term refers to the marriage of traditional paper scrapbooking with computer-driven or digital scrapbooking elements.

It's something many people have been doing even without realizing. Photo manipulation (cropping and correcting), computer journaling, printing titles, making your own background paper (see my LO)--all "hybrid scrapbooking". Who knew?

The journaling for this layout is on the back of the page and is kinda personal so I'm not sharing it, but let me tell you, this child takes his "school" very seriously and it's been a sweet thing for me to watch him do take to the school model.

The little tags and brackets at the bottom are from a sticker sheet by Doodlebug Designs. (Love cardstock stickers).

There's a scrumptious Aussie blog showing off some hot Scenic Route right here. Get an eyefull.

I'm laying low for a bit. Stuff to do. Things to mourn. Hurts to get over. Tasks to accomplish. Boys to love. Fall to relish.

Can I just preach for a moment...don't underestimate the power of kind words. But in the same vein, even kind words mean nothing if they are insincere. Everyone likes to say "Didn't your moma teach you if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"...but really, sometimes you need to say things that aren't necessarily *nice*. I know it's not a very southern way to think, but life is not about nice. My mom also taught me to be honest. Be real, but be kind. You can do both if your heart is in the right place.

And that's the news from Lake Woe-is-me... hope you are swell.

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