a--drugs. pre-dentist and post-dentist...dude. I could so get used to the hazy life. if ya wasn't um like...illegal and deadly. it was nice to sleep good.

a1--I am so grateful for a husband who knows the meaning of loving in the "in sickness" part of "in sickness and in health. He is so good at caring.

b--if you haven't visited Tina Cockburn's blog, today is the day. Don't miss her a-maz-ing fruity-licious photos today. I'm tellin' ya...ya just don't want to miss this.

c--scrapbook stores in this town (general vacinity) are droppin' like flies these days. Just this week, one closing was announced and I heard that another is for sale. I hate it for them. It's so important to support your LSS if you want them to stay around.

On that note, Scrapn' Memories is celebrating their first birthday this Saturday. If you stop by between 10 and 2, you'll be treated to a wonderful array of make-and-takes by all the Scrap'n Memories teachers (including myself) and other fun birthday things! I hope to see you there!

d--I'm starting a new blog. Check it out here.

e--I'm purging. Scrapbook stuff that is. If you would like "the box of unknown stuff", email me atscrappinsarah at msn dot com . It may be stuff you like. May not. It's a risk. It's just all sorts of stuff. Scrap and paper crafting stuff. I'm not taking the time to try and sell you on the contents. If you generally see yourself as a trash-to-treasure person, you'll like this. If your too high-falutin' for a garage sale, you'll probably want to pass on this. Anyway, the deal is, when you get the box, you take out what you like, add some stuff you no longer need and then post to your own blog to find the box a new home...and it goes on and on. Don't be a booger and keep the box. That's rude. I'll have to send you all sorts of junk mail if you are a booger. :)

f--There's a new baseball movie coming out this weekend..."Final Season". I'm stoked.

That's all for today.

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