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Well, sorry about that. The above was brought to you by my guest blooger, G-man. I started the post, left it unattended while the photos loaded and then of course, forgot about it. This morning (Tuesday) when I got back to ye ol' blog, there it was. I inquired of Julian, and he ratted his brother out.

Booger. Send the boy to pre-K and he thinks he can take over the blog. :)

Anyway, the top picture is of my favorite flowers in my kitchen.

The second is a layout I finished after the crop on Saturday. It's a total scraplift from a pea. Here's the original by namturemomm at 2Peas. With this layout, I used a new ink pad--Colorbox Fluid Chalk in Dark Brown. It's a "cat eye" and oh's so juicy and smoothe. Talk about easy inking!

It also uses my new set of QK Frankie Skinni Mini. Love those!

The third photo is my friend Michele, who was at the crop I went to in Hendersonville on Saturday. She's a Creative Memories Consultant. It was good to see her again and see all the new items that CM is coming into the current century with. They really are doing some nice stuff. I like the concept of the Picfolio...and the punchie-lover in me is drawn to some of their newest punches.

I also got to sit with Debbi. It was good to catch up. I'm looking forward to our Scrap Night at home!

In other news, I think I'm over the cropping frenzy. It seems I can never pack adequately (I always forget something vital--this time it was my trimmer and brown Bazzill) and something odd/awkward always happens to me.

This time it was an awkward situation regarding the items I had on the yard sale table. Another cropper approached me and said she didn't have any money but she really wanted some punches I was selling for super cheap. I said I would accept a check (it was $12). She said she didn't have her checkbook. She said she lived down the street and asked if I lived nearby. I don't (I drove about 28 miles to the crop). She asked if I was coming to the crop at ___ church. I said no. I'm still not sure what she wanted me to do. I don't even know her name...but how does one expect to shop--even at a yard sale table--without money? I'm still a little baffled by it.

It was a nice crop, overall. The positives:
  • The inside of the fascility was great for scrapbooking.
  • The lunch was 3 kinds of lasagna--a wonderful deviation from the usual pizza
  • The spa treatments looked delighful (and were included in the price of the crop)
  • No music
  • Quite a few door prizes and I was lucky enough to win 2--one from the CTMH consultant that was very cool

The challenges:

  • I have a feeling that the vendor to scrapper ratio was way out of whack.
  • The steps in the front were challenging, bordering on dangerous (not the fault of the crop planners, just an observation)
  • The bathroom had short potties and short salloon-style swinging doors placed way too high and too close to the pottie. Talk about something obviously designed by a man who has never sat to pee. :) If the need to go hadn't been so imperritive, I would have waited.

So now you know.


Anita said...

Ok???? Is this a new language???

Debby said...

I too enjoyed catching up with you and am looking forward to your home one in a few weeks. I enjoyed the spa thing too and it was nice that it was included. I felt the price was very good for what all was included. I also one a second door prize from the CTMH lady after you left. I got 4 pages done too! See you soon!

TracieClaiborne said...

Love your layout!