At least once a day in our house, the following can be heard, usually in a loud voice:

"Stop pounding on the floor with your brother!"

Muttered under breath:

"You're going to kill each other."

Can someone explain why this is? They do this wrestling-tickling-laughing-running-competitive-physical smack-down that (because our house is not on a slab) sounds like something horrible is going on, judging from the noises of floor impact. (Thankfully, we have carpet, right.)

It's pure boy craziness for a good 30 minutes, usually in the afternoon. As long as no one is getting hurt, I try to stay out of it. It's always surprising how well G holds his own against his brother, despite his 40 pound/24 inch disadvantage.

They get sweaty, and run out of steam so then we start baths and things go back to calm and collected.

I'm thinking of putting a boxing ring in the back yard.

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