This is a common site in our freezer. It's Daddy's favorite dessert--Purity Heavenly Hash Frozen Yogurt. He puts bananas on top of his bowl of yogurt in some sort of amusing effort to make it healthy...LOL! So with this in mind, you can imagine how amped Julian was to go on a homeschool group field trip to the Purity Dairy, where Daddy's favorite concoction is made. It was pretty neat, so he says...and I have to agree. The line was producing 4-ounce cups of vanilla for schools and hospitals today...

The plant tour includes a sample cup of ice that's what I call a great home school field trip! And yet, curiously, he wouldn't smile--not even while eating his own favorite--strawberry yogurt.

While we were on the tour I forgot to ask my two questions:
a) do people who work on the line still like ice cream?
b) what are some of the flavors that have been rejected?

Field Trips are my favorite part of home schooling. Our next one is to a bakery.

On a completely different note, would anyone care to take a guess at what these bags contain?

My clothing.
Going to The Salvation Army Donation Place.
Because they are too BIG.

My closet is sufffering from a severe lack of content, but I couldn't be any happier. Included in these bags are 3 pairs of pants that I had to stop wearing, lest they quite literally fall down. Isn't that an awesome problem to have?! Weight and health are such a struggle for me, but as I have noted in the past, a little bit of success breeds a great deal of success, for which I am completely grateful.

And of course, it means new clothing. Which means shopping. That I may actually enjoy.

This is Mr. Too Cool on the first day of Pre-K. I could have more easily coaxed a smile from a president on Mt Rushmore than gotten a nice smile out of him on Tuesday. He was all about the buisness of Pre-K and in no mood for the mom-arazzi.

Luckily in the afternoon he was a tad more agreeable. :)

In personal scrapbooking news, I'm going to be participating in the design team and teaching a class or two in the near future at Scrapn' Memories, my (l)ocal (s)crapbook (s)tore. The last time I taught in a LSS, was just after Grey was born (did I mention he's now 4.5?) so I'm looking forward to getting back to something I love. I'm in good company: Dana Beckman, Chelle Green, Jessica Turner, Mary Ann Rhodes, Pam Byrd, Christine Long, Jill Barrett and Gretchen Owens.

And I'm going on a trip to Dallas in a few weeks and planning to take in three stores and IKEA, while I'm there. You can count on a report.

And finally, my letter to the editor of our small community paper was published this week. You can read here, if you want.

And CC to my sister: you can read about the mall progress here, but only until Saturday.

May all your clothing fit nicely and

may all your ice cream be yummy!

Happy Thursday!

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