My head feels like it weighs fifty pounds and my chest feels like it has a gorilla sitting on it. The boys gave me a cold...bless their little hearts.

I'm going to bed.
For a year.


Mimi said...

Yuck. What is it that Charles Schultz said, children will only willingly share their mother's age and communicable diseases?

Jolleen Hansen said...

I got on two peas for the first time since January. I talked with an old friend from the Scrapbooking World today and he updated me on the closing of some scrapbook companies. I never attend trade shows anymore and don't visit scrapbooking websites, so it was all brand new news to me.

I was searching for old threads on news I had missed and I found a thread that was unrelated but interesting. It was about people or companies that had taken scrapbooking in a new direction.

That's when I saw your post about Deluxe Designs. It made me almost cry. =) My sister and I are the owners of Deluxe Designs and it was SO fun to see someone remember us for what we are truly proud of.
Our laser shape designs are truly from our heart and changed our lives. =)

As a thank you, I would love to send you a box of goodies. Would you mind emailing me your snail mail address? I would love it if you would!


Jolleen Hansen
Deluxe Designs

The Parker Family said...

I am SO sorry you are sick! I will be praying for you to recover quickly and for strength while you are down.
Miss you terribly!