And BOOM! It feels like fall. The high for today is a luxurious 80 degrees. Sweet relief!

I had a right miserable weekend but I'm feeling better mostly now. I missed church and 2 meetings that were important to me...I hate being sick. One of the meetings I missed was the presentation of a new water filtration system at the local middle school in memory of my neighbor who was murdered just over a year ago. Our neighborhood and the family and friends of Mary Sadler collected money for a memorial and I am pleased that it turned out so beautifully. The local news media covered the small ceremony as did our community paper. (I'll add links to the Westview paper site when their site is updated.)

The task force that I was part of for this project originally intended to place a bench at our local park with a small plaque on it. I was shocked at the limitless amount of permissions and red tape one has to go thru to seat a bench in the park. It was crazy. So, through the diligence of one of the other members of the task force, we were able to find a different route for our memorial. The local middle school library was badly in need of a water filtration system and fountain. Apparently, the quality of the water at the school is sub-standard (go figure that out) but in conjunction with the generous donation of one of the local water filtration companies, (I need a link) we were able to provide this for the students and faculty, along with a plaque and photo of our neighbor.

Participating in this project has been a very meaningful thing to me. I hated to miss the ceremony but it seems to have gone off without a hitch. I'm so glad.

In other news, I'm going to be teaching a class at Scrap'n Memories (in Nashville) on Saturday October 27 at 2pm. The name of the class is *Don't you Love Scenic Route*! Fitting, don't you think? Photos of the class projects will be forth-coming.

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