Yippy Skippy.

News in Brief...

  • Kroger has 8x10 enlargements for 99 cents this week.

  • is having a summer layout contest. Check it out.

  • New blog I'm enjoying:

  • Deb and I went to the flea market at the TN State Fairgrounds last Saturday. We spent about 4 hours and still didn't see it all. Although it was crowded, it was a feast for the senses. My finds of the day were a box of hand-written sermon notes from a methodist minister from the 40s and a seatbelt purse.

  • I also fell for this antique metal sign but couldn't spare the $350 to bring it home. (ha) Deb was fascinated by the vintage clothing. Lots of great stuff including a perfectly demure pink tea dress from JCPenney circa 1940 that was lovely.

  • Thank you to everyone who sent carrot-olicious info after my epic saga re: my disdain for carrots. :) You guys are the best! A few recipes and ideas jumped out at me, so there is hope.

  • And thank you for sticking with me thru the measly blogging that's been happening the past few weeks. Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon as I get used to having Joal home again.

  • An Andy Update: My brother made it safely to Afghanistan. He has sporadic contact but we are grateful for whatever we get. He seems in good spirits and is putting his medic training to good use on behalf of his unit. Word has it that they even let him kick down a door. We are keeping him in care packages filled with Skittles and *OFF* bug repellant. What a combo, huh.

Happy Thursday. :)


Mark, Sandra, Lane, Kolt, Boomer & Bindee(the dogs), & Harley(the cat) said...

I love flea markets too, but I only go for the cheap scrapbook goodies, and anything else I can find and use!! Your blog has been very interesting to me, I don't think it was bad at all!!!

Lynette said...

I always enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for maintaining it!

Mimi said...

Great finds, and enjoy the sale.

Hopefully the Skittles won't be Offed, that is an odd combo.

Would you email me his first name, I realize that God knows who he is, but I'd like to write his name in my book of "remember to pray for"

Mimi said...

Oh, duh, now re-reading I realize his name is Andy. Anyway, I've added him to my book now.

Shanna C said...

Thanks for the update on Andy. I would encourage everyone to check out the website if you want to 'adopt' a unit overseas to write to or send care packages. Our troops really need our support!

I've never thought your blog was dull...keep on writing!

TracieClaiborne said...

Love, love, love that vintage sign.
I have always wanted a huge vintage sign but they are so darn expensive now!