Have you ever stopped to think about the good that comes from adversity? Do you know someone who took the lemons and stomped them to bits? I know a few and I wish I knew more. I wish I was that way more.

People who have faced great adversity and have stood their ground amaze and inspire me. What you do when you are down says so much about a person's character, I think. Who do you know (or know of) who has faced a great adversity and not just survived but survived to turn it into something remarkable?

The story of this little boy and his moma is beautiful and frought with adversity. It's also full of God. It's not my story to tell, but I am grateful that my friend is letting me play with it a bit in pictures. (Shared with permission.) Even when it seemed there would be no end to the adversity in the process of adoption, no one gave up, no one took no for an answer. And look who their family has to show for it!
{The layout is my response to Amber Ulmer's challenge blog--One Little Word. The word for the last week of May was *STOP* and this photo was still laying in my stack awaiting the right inspiration. The two just seemed right together.}
May the adversity you face come to be the seeds of tomorrow's greatness.
Happy Wednesday.

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I'm honored. Thank you.