It's raining outside but I couldn't be happier! My favorite LSS (Scrapn' Memories) is getting Scenic Route--starting with Metropolis and ordering more at CHA in late July!! Wooo Hoo!

And then as if things could get better...the UPS man deposited a hefty goody box of paper on my doorstep from Layle, the queen of all things Scenic Route! Inside was a beautiful selection of new stuff and some wonderful old stuff that I have loved for years. "Thank you" doesn't begin to do my gratitude justice. It's raining Scenic Route!

In other news, the writing prompt for today at 2Peas is:

If you could cure any disease, what would it be?

I don't even have to think about this one. In a heartbeat I would erradicate that ugly monster called Pervassive Development Disorder and all it's tenticled arms, especially the ones related to pre-mature birth-- Cerebral Palsy and Attention Deficit. POOF. Be gone. Is that too self-serving?

I wish.


Connie said...

Lovin' the rain today!!

TracieClaiborne said...

That is awesome! I sent you an e-mail about it.

This may sound crazy but I only like carrots one way -- from Zaxby's. Do you have a Zaxby's near you? There's one right down the street from me in Hville. They have the best carrots and ranch. They are cut from real carrots, not baby ones. They are ice cold and sweet, sweet, sweet. We get them every time we go there.