Dear LSS. Don't Lie to Me.

Dear Scrapbook Store.
Don't lie to me.
Don't say you are ordering the new product, when what I asked if you had was not a new product.
Don't look at me like I am an un-informed customer who can't possibly know more than you about a scrapbook thing.
Don't lie to me.

In fact, I am an informed customer. I'm probably more well-informed than most of your customers. I ask for a specific brand and line of product because I want to buy it locally (or semi-locally, in this case). I've seen it online and if you force me too, I will buy it online, although I would like to buy it locally, even with a 9.25% sales tax and the soaring price of gasoline. I know what the name of the line is and I can describe it to you in detail, if you ask.

I can even tell you that no other stores in the area are carrying it. There's a hole in the market that you could fill.

Here's a quick lesson:
When a customer asks "Do you carry ___ company's ____ line?" don't immediately look like you are doubting the existence of said line. If you don't think you have it, say these words: "I don't think we have it. But we do have some product from that company. What does the ____ line look like?"

If customer says "It has blue and orange stars on a white field." it's a safe assumption that she knows what she's talking about. At least give her the benefit of the doubt.

Do not lie to the customer. Do not say "It must be new and we haven't gotten it yet" unless you know for a fact that it is a new release. If in fact, it's not new, you will look like an idiot.

Do not say "it's been backordered forever". This is not the customer's problem and it looks like you are passing the buck. See rule #1--do not lie to the customer.

Do not say "I don't think they make that." You just look stupid.

Bottom line: Do not lie to your customers. Be honest with your customer. We know that you can't possibly know every style, size and brand of paper out there. If you don't have it or haven't heard it, it's OK. Just say "I haven't heard of that but I can check into it."

Say it with me: "I don't know, but I can check into it."

It's easy. It's not a lie. And it makes clients feel like you care. Your customer's can be an invaluable resource, if only you listen and do not lie to them.

For what it's worth, I am so frustrated right now, I don't know what to do. I shop regularly at a nice little LSS in Nashville. I shop sporadically to not-very-often at the LSS in the surrounding areas due to the time it takes to travel to them, the price of gas, and the convenience of shopping online. When Scrap It closed, I kinda lost heart in finding another scrapbook store with inspirational walls--that place was one-of-a-kind. The loss of Scrap It created an inspiration vacuum here. None of the other stores--far or near--can even begin to offer the kind of unique art that the girls who displayed their art at Scrap It shared. It never failed that I would leave that store with a tear in my eye and a crick in my neck from looking up at the pages and art being displayed. It was obvious they weren't generating pages solely to sell product...even tho I'm sure that was a goal.

None of the other stores have stepped up to fill the gap and that is disappointing to me. And, for what it's worth, none of the other stores are carrying a decent quantity of Scenic Route either, which makes me want to say bad words.

More later.


Christy B said...

I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. It actually stinks. Customer Service is the easiest of all the things to do. I like(d) all our area stores. You're like me, none are real close... at least 30 min away for me. Some further. I only shop at Scrapn' Memories if I go from work (during lunch) and never hit the Murfreesboro stores! I usually hit Scrap It, Scrappuccino's or Memories In Bloom. Clarksville is as far away from me as Scrap It. So, I miss Scrap It, but I shopped them all, because they each offered me something different. I honestly can't say I have/had a FaVorItE!

Shell said...

ooohhhh - I agree with your post - that would make me fume!

TracieClaiborne said...

Sarah - we were just cropping tonight, all of us Scrap It DT gals, and saying how sad it is that Scrap It is gone. We miss the fellowship, the inspiration, the "knowing we will get it soon" thrill and a lot of other things.

I also feel at a loss for a store who really "gets it." Somewhere that all the employees know the industry - what's hot, what's not, what's new, what's old. I need that from a scrapbook store because if I can know it, why can't they? It's their business, right?

I keep thinking that with all the building in Hendersonville, someone will open an Archivers or some fabulous LSS but with the way the industry is going, I would worry for them if they did.

Just wanted to say I agree with ya, a good LSS is hard to find. Thank you for all your kind words about our layouts. I was inspired every day I was there.

Sherri said...

I knew you were looking for Scenic Route paper when you described the least, I think you were! ha
I miss Scrap It! too and I since my layouts were on the wall I am going to go ahead and give myself the benefit of the doubt that maybe you liked one of my pages as well and say thanks for the compliment!
I was scrapping with Tracie, Ann, Jann and Michelle tonight and we certainly miss Scrap It!
Oh btw, I am Sherri and I stumbled on your blog the other night...I am not sure how I got here, but I am going to bookmark you so I can read regularly!

j said...

I hear ya! I can feel your frustration. I know the line you're talking about...I'm using it in a class next week. It's too bad that the stores in your area are missing the boat. Janet

Amber said...

Hi there! I just stumbled on your blog somehow and was shocked to see your from Mid TN! I am too! Smyrna to be exact. I regret that I am a newbie scrapper and wasn't able to visit Scrap It! before they closed. The only local stores I visit regularly are Paper Candy and Scrappin' Memories b/c they are the closest.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I love your scrap space!!