This pure eye candy. I'm so attracted by great photography, vibrant color and fluffy information and I enjoy this magazine immensely.

Imagine my surprise when I found the above Epson ad designed by Heidi Swapp!

And isn't this just the sweetest picture? I think I need to make a sign like that. :)

There was a thread at 2Peas that got me thinking about professional portraits. Do you buy professional portraits on a regular basis? Do you go to a private photographer or a chain studio? How often?

I was just wondering. Being nosy, I suppose. We haven't done portraits in years...except for the church directory thing done by Olan Mills that didn't impress me. I have so many pictures, I don't see the need anymore and the price wears me out. I think it bugs part of my extended family that I send out "mere snapshots" several times a year but for the most part, I just ignore it. My "mere snapshots" are lightyears better than any posed "everybody say cheese and look cheesy" overpriced portrait...they are real. I like that.

That said, during my last trip to Texas, my mother requested that the four of us (all her children) go to the studio in WalMart and get our pictures made as a group. Professionally. (If you call WalMart Studios, professional.) It happens so rarely that the four of us are in the same state, much less the same WalMart...she asked and we obliged. I think the last time we had a professional photo of the four of us, Deb was about 3, and with Andy now in the desert on the other side of the galaxy, who knows when it will happen again.

They turned out good but the level of customer service has been pathetic. If my mom hadn't really been on top of it and been willing to be a little pushy, I have a feeling they photos would not have made it to her. I'm so glad they did tho...mine are supposed to arrive in the mail this week. I'll post them when they do. :)

Happy Thursday!


BonnieRose said...

I just got my hallmark mag in the mail yesterday.. I am lovin it too.. for all the same reasons u mentioned.. and re portrait pics.. we go to jcpenny sometimes, but I find i can take just as nice pics of my girls.. here in the backyard... seriously!!!

Pam said...

I have used Portrait Innovations in Cool Springs - it's on the corner, next to Wild Oats. They let you pick your pictures on the spot and print them - you just go to lunch and come back. It's the GREATEST way to do Xmas cards. They take enough pictures that a few are bound to come out really nice looking. And the backgrounds aren't super cheezy.

Felicia said...

Nothing better than a new magazine and a cup of herbal tea in the afternoon on the porch :)

Christy B said...

I've had pictures made of Em professional since she was born.... the panel, 3,6,9,12 mos at Brad Gholson in Brentwood. Then 12 mos - 5 yrs, 6 & 8 at Griggs. Now Griggs is WAY too much for me and I'm trying another photographer for our family and Em's 10 yr old picture at Rob Watts in Hendersonville. I also get all the school pictures, etc. I've had some pictures made at Olan Mills and JcPenny when she was smaller and everyone wanted pictures, but her daycare and now school makes them so reguarly I don't use anything else for professional pictures. I LOVE my pictures. And yes Griggs is very expensive. But I wouldn't give anything for those shots. She loves Mr. Allen and he could always bring out the best in her. I'm looking forward to our 10 yr and family portrait though.