Goodbye old friend, Sweet Festivale

Weird as it sounds, I get attached to certain papers and I hate it when a company announces that they are retiring a line that I have especially loved. I take it quite personally--crazy, as that sounds, I know. (Because it is all about me, right.) Hee.

I remember where I was the first time I was captured by Scenic Route's Festivale line--a tiny little scrapbook store in Florence, Mississippi. It was pure magic. Now Festivale is being retired and I am having to restrain myself to prevent major stocking up and hoarding. It's a fantastic line and I've used it dozens of's what I consider a scrap-classic. I will miss it.

According to Layle's newsletter, Festivale was SR's very first line and the only reason they are retiring it is to have more room for the 2 new lines they will be debuting at the upcoming trade show. While I can't wait to see what's new, I will still miss Festivale.

So, have you used Festivale? If so, let me know--I'd love to see it in all it's glory.

Happy Wednesday!


Colleen said...

I LOVE SR papers and though I don't think I have much of this one, I'm sad now because it's looks great!

Shell said...

*LOL* - no I get that. I do the same with cars. Even though I am excited about a new car - everytime one has to go.. I cry - yes I actually cry - pathetic really *LOL*

And yes I have used festivale - the diamonds on white - to alter a lunchbox - that was Christmas themed - it came out wonderfully! I looked at your link and I don't think I ever saw half of that line - I love the apples paper!!

Jill said...

Those are nice papers! I like the pears...even though I don't even eat pears really.

Mimi said...

I love Festivale, I've used it on several layouts.

Layle Koncar said...

Howdy! I saw your post on 2 Peas about having a hard time finding SR in your LSS. Followed your blog link and here I am! Looks like you're frustrated! I thought I'd see if we can't help you out. Send me your address and we'll send you a little goodie box with some papers to tied you over. If you're up to it, you can also send me contact info for the LSS that you're struggling with and any other of your LSS's for that matter and we'll contact them and see what we can do about helping them to carry our products in their store(s).

Layle said...

Oops, I meant to 'tide' you over.... ;)