To Breathe Again

My project/baby has flown the koop. After days and nights of work, my hands were literally shaking as I handed my well-packed box over to the FED EX counter guy. When I gave him the declared value he raised an eyebrow. "It's packed and secured well on the inside?" he asked.

Yes it is. Two layers of oversized bubble wrap. Taped. Two layers of heavy-duty kraft wrap. Taped. Address on the kraft layer. Packing peanuts to fill in around the sides. Box closed. Serious layers of tape to the outside of the box.

Might as well be Fort Knox, baby. The book is secure. Did I mention the prayers for safety and swiftness and security and protection? Yeah. Those too.

It's due to arrive in the office in Dallas at 10:30 tomorrow. I'm calling at 10:32.

It's nice to be able to breathe again. I'm cleaning up my own space, catching up on blog-reading and laundry, spending time with the boys...Joal's been in Tampa all week but will get in late tonight. I wish he could have seen it before I sent it off but I did keep pictures for him. He's been the most amazing encourager and he made several phone calls urging (OK maybe bullying) people to submit pictures...I couldn't have finished without him. :)

Here's the scoop:

32 pages (some spreads, some singles)

12 9x12 photos and more than 100 4x6 photos, and 40 wallets

59 red micro brads

18 Quickutz tags

149 Blossom letters cut by Quickutz

58 sheets of Bazzill Cardstock

8 sheets of Basic Grey Blitzen Patterned Paper--Jingle Bells and Ribbon Candy

1 12x12 leather album from Close to my Heart

50 page protectors

Happy Thursday!

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Debby said...

Amazing job, my friend!! Looking forward to hearing what feedback you get from them too. By the way, I am back in the States, but came back sick and am now on the mend. Probably won't feel my full self till somtime next week, at least that's what I'm hoping for...
Love ya!