Awe and Shock

Gonna be a long one...buckle up.
First the Awe...

Yesterday was so cool. I had most of the day to myself (a rare treat) to attend a baby shower for a dear friend who's having her first girl (after 3 boys). We are so excited for them and the shower was held appropriately at the most adorable girlie place--a Victoria Tea Room in downtown Franklin--Lillie Belle's. I totally forgot my camera and *have* to go back for the purpose of pictures. It was like stepping into the pages of Victoria magazine (which I don't think is published anymore...but maybe you remember it as fondly as I do). Think cluttered up, rosy-ed up Martha. :) It's been a really long time since I took three hours to have lunch! It was a grand time with some of my favorite women.

I actually arrived early and parked on the square in historic downtown Franklin (HDF) with the purpose of doing a little shopping. Well, not really shopping, because there was no intention of buying. More Creative rejuvination...seeking out of creative things and eye-candy. HDF is an old-soul town with lots of old-soul shops and plenty of sensory delights for those of us who enjoy the likes of antiquities, art, and specialties. It is a place that appeals to me on many levels--the creative level, the seeker-of-unusual-treasures level, the small-town, old-fashioned level, the small business level and the relaxed, non-Mother level. I don't get to go very often but when I do, it is sheer delight.

My favorite store this trip was a new place--Rock Paper Scissors. It's a paper store. They sell invitations, gift wraps, wedding finery, note cards, greeting cards, journals, etc. Oh. My. What a cool little place. I really wanted to take a picture of one of their was about 8' tall and filled with blank envelopes, and note cards of all different shapes and sizes, organized horizontally by color. Great colors! Pink, Chocolate, an ocean blue, a cream, a yellow...yummy stuff. I purchased a few pieces...some 5x5 envelopes, scallopped oval cards and scallopped circle my favorite shade of pale blue. (See the photo.) Can't wait to play with these! And the little chocolate gift bag...happiness is very simple for me. :)

Did a bit of shopping, went to the luncheon, and the made a stop over at Scrapn Memories. (I'm going to attempt the challenge...25 pages before Aug 1...more on that later.) I turned in this page ("That's Love") for the contest. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that...If you look closely at the larger image, you can tell that the title "That's LOVE" is actually painted brown. I only had black letters and they didn't look "right" so I painted them! Found the coolest little canister of chipboard shapes there from American Crafts...and some new Heidi Swapp stamps. Forgot the chocolate Bazzill I intended to pick up. :)

I love calm days...and yesterday was calm. and Nice.

Now the Shock...

Before I even got out of bed this morning, Joal met me with the newspaper. This story about Eric Volz got his attention and he knew I would want to know. Several years ago we spent Thanksgiving Day at the Anthony's (Dane and Maggie's)...we haven't kept up with them very well since the end of our cluster group (from church) but I can't imagine what this family is going thru right now. How horrible to feel so helpless in the face of such a crisis. My heart is just so heavy today...from the mountaintop to the valley in the space of one day.

God's peace be with you, whether you are on the mountaintop or in the valley.


Mimi said...

Oh the shock is horrible, hugs and lots of prayers.

Now, your lovely tea to fete a friend expecting a girl and the "you" time - well deserved.

TracieClaiborne said...

Love your layout! And that tea room sounds delightful. I love Franklin, TN.

I am so sorry about your friend's son. I read the article. What a horrible situation.

This sounds country-bumpkin but other countries scare me. I can't imagine willingly living anywhere other than the US. I will try and remember to pray for this man.