A Different Approach

I made headway on 9 pages this weekend...only one of which is my own, but that's a good thing. Strangely enough. Getting back into commissioned work is proving to be a little challenge. Somewhere along the way in my personal scrapbooking, I have completely stopped using the pictures as a jumping off point and started using the thoughts. With someone elses pictures, I don't have thoughts to start with.


I knew this before I started these projects...but what I didn't realize was how much of a challenge it would be for me to get back to the other way.

Not to complain, because I love the work. It's just different for me and I'm a little out of practice, but I'll get there. Soon hopefully.

So tell me, what's your approach? Where do you start? Do you ever mix-it-up and start with a different element?

In other news there's a pea--Angela Daniels--who has started a cool collection of *ScrapSecrets*, a concept based on the chronic overshare of Post Secrets. Who knew scrapbooking could be so deep?

In other news, (that's the last time I'll say that, I promise) my Army brother is coming home for leave in mid-April! The plane tickets have been purchased and the right Army people have signed off on it--cross your fingers no one changes their minds. Being a good brother, he's coming to see me and has promised to bring his laptop with his "hundreds of pictures" from Italy, Germany and wherever else he's been lately (some of which I will probably sleep better not knowing). That's the good news.

The less than good news is that when he returns to Italy, he will immediately deploy to Afghanistan. I can't comment on that at this point.

Happy Monday.


sabrina said...

I can totally understand the "different approach" part. For me scrapping someone else's picturs is hard because I wasn't there (and since they are surprise gifts I can't call the person and ask)

For my personal stuff, sadly the product is my jumping off point. I'm either doing somethign with a book club kit, or something that Lola gave me to work with, or some new goddie that I just bought and want to use.

toners said...

I usually start with a photo and work from that...or another day I might decide I just *have* to use a new patterned paper...or another day I might just play with get the idea :)

Great news about the visit from your brother! Your family must be so excited!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me =). I hope your readers will join the ScrapSecret project- for the most part, it's a hoot.


Angela Daniels aka SpiderGirl