Eye-candy Advertisement!

I love an advertisement that makes no bones about what it wants you to know. Make a bold statement or go home. Get the message across in the three minutes I have to read a magazine...don't make me work for it. :) I also love ads that feature ribbon, so as you migh have guessed, I'm loving this Making Memories ad in the new Scrapbooks etc.
It's straightforward and simple.
Message received loud and clear.
On old-style spools.
Just thought you should know...


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, your post is too funny. I just returned home from the grocery store with the new Scrapbooks Etc. in hand, sat down and immediately turned to that exact ad. LOVE IT!

TracieClaiborne said...

I just got through reading that issue cover to cover and it rocks!!! I also noticed that ad. Quite yummy!