We have Snow! And Ryegrass!

Yep. Finally.

We have snow.

About 2-3 inches.

Of beautiful fun snow.

Grey's first consequential snow.

His commentary: "Oh Daddy. It's cold."


In other news, because of the weather, Joal's home today so he painted the kitchen! Some of you know just how much I have hated the UT Orange kitchen I've been living with since we moved in and that's it been in transition for a few months now. Joal's really good about keeping projects short from start to finish, but he can only do this stuff on the weekends, so it does take a while for the big projects. It started with the removal of the ugly bird tiles (sorry Connie), tons of re-rocking, mudding and then 2 complete coats of primer to cover the atrocious orange. Even the white of the primer was refreshing when compared to orange.

I had a really hard time selecting a color but it finally came down to Behr's Ryegrass. It's a springy soft green. Makes me think of daffodil stalks. Pale but not seafoam. Bright but not lime. Actually, if you have a Bazzill swatchbook or the Bazzill "Place We Love--Goldengate" collection, it's quite similar to Thyme. LOL!

It's wonderful. It's amazing what a new paint color can do for a room! When the painter's tape comes down and the moulding has all been replaced, I'll take some pictures.

Ryegrass rocks!


Connie said...

Say . . . what will you be doing with those ugly bird tiles? LOL

Sarah said...

De birdies--they met with an unfortunate demise during de removale process. Mwahhhh Haaaa Haaa...(evil laughter). :)

Mimi said...

I love how you relate the color to Bazzil. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Sounds pretty. Would Joal like to come paint my kitchen?