Back to Reality

Resistance is futile. Slowly but surely, real life is creeping back upon me. I've fought it, but I'm slowly losing.

I know because:
There are no chocolates on my freshly made bed. Heck. My bed is not even freshly made. Wonder who I should speak to about that? :)

A warm breakfast of bacon and eggs, and pancakes isn't waiting when I wake.
No one puts my linen dinner napkin across my well-dressed lap for me. (Actually, I don't even own any linen napkins...)
No one brings me Diet Coke every time I blink.
There are no clean towels hanging in my bathroom. No warmed robe either.
No view of the Gulf from my bed.
My neighbors in the next room are loud and rowdy and they get up way too early.
There is no spa within walking-distance of my front door.
There's no shopping for jewelry and art two decks down.
There's no adult conversation about religion and politics and work and family and sports at dinner. (We do well to get the tv turned off sometimes.)
There's almost no sand in my shoes.
There's no wind in my hair. (Did you know sea spray is good for your hair?)
There's no need for sunglasses.
My feet are back to being cold.
My honey is working.
My children actually expect me to make them three meals a day and snack and do the laundry...
I suppose it's nice to be home.
(Since I have no choice.)
It's also nice to know we are going back in 2008.
Scrapbook craziness has hit hard. The pressure is on. I have about 40 (forty) 12x12 scrapbook pages to complete before the first regional meeting on March 8. It has to be FedEd'ed on March 6. In the next 11 days, I have to:
go thru about 600 photos,
edit and upload about 150 of them,
compile all the written comments and thoughts from other people,
do the pages, journaling, and
then scan them all.
And then I have to entrust all my work to the hands of a Fed Ex carrier. That is perhaps the most difficult step of all. I seriously considered flying it out to the office myself. Certain people in my house thought that was a nutty idea.
And, to top it off, we are birthday party-ing tomorrow. My children had the good fortune of having the their birthdays fall within 2.5 weeks of each other, and since they share many of the same friends, we are having one giant party, with several of our family friends, so it will be fun for everyone! It's a source of extreme pleasure for me that my boys like each other and get along well. I'm proud of that.
Back to the cruise. In short, it was a grand trip. I loved last year but this year was fabulous. One quick observation--everyone knows that successful salesmen (or rather salespeople) are a unique breed. Well, you can double the unique-quotient when the same salesmen are working for a cause they truly deeply passionately believe in.
In meeting the spouses of the top, all-star salesmen (and a few women) in this company, I noticed that in almost every case, the relationships are made up of the one spouse being the big personality and the other being the leveling, calming factor. Of course, that's the way it is with us (honey and me). That was no surprise--I've known that since we started dating. But I've never noticed it so distinctly in a large group of people as I did with our group on the cruise. Just one of those interesting dynamics I think about when I have time to think.
Happy Friday!!


TracieClaiborne said...

Oh my, the cruise sounds divine...(she said in her best Southern drawl) and so relaxing!

You are a lucky girl!!!

Theresa said...

Awww, sorry you're back to reality. The cruise sounds wonderful. Shame you can't bring all the pampering back with you. Love the photo of the sandals with the sand.

Mimi said...

Welcome home!

I'm glad you had a good time! Couple time is the glue that holds us together!