Do you love Thickers?

So ya'll know I'm scrapbooking on the cheap lately, right?. Well, necessity being the mother of invention and brilliant peas knowing and sharing everything...I have an alternative (read super cheap) idea for those fancy shmancy American Crafts "Thickers". That's right...die cut letters from Fun Foam. If American Crafts can do it, why can't I do it with my trusty little QK? One sheet of thin black fun foam from M's is a whopping 79 cents. Lovely dimensional bold letters made from QK fonts...very very cheap. Pennies. And cool too.
I'm thinking maybe a bright blue for a water page or some foamy fish for last summer's backyard pool pictures.

I did learn something that you might also find useful. If you are planning to use the Xyron Sticker Maker X to apply the adhesive to the foam letters, you will want to do so before pressing the letters. Apply the adhesive to a long strip of foam, then cut the letters. The Xyron adhesive doesn't stick all that well and getting it out from the crevaces of the letters without removing it all from the back of the letters is a hassle-and-a-half and borders on mission impossible. Avoid the gummy mess. :)
Happy Cheap Tuesday!


Sarah said...

PS I did not mean to imply that Thickers aren't worth $3.99 a sheet. They are self-adhesive and offer several fonts. I really like American Crafts products (in general)...but it's nice to have a low-cost alternative when needed.

Tina said...

You know, I wondered about that whole foam thing when I first saw the AC Thickers. They looked just like the bucket of fun foam shapes I buy at WM at Michael's for my kiddos. If I had a die cut system, I'd be all over making my own.

Thanks for sharing! Love the idea of cheap scrap supply alternatives.