Magnetic Thoughts

It's a truly simple thing that makes my heart want to jump out of my chest. These are Greyson's magnets on my refrigerator door. They are letters and numbers, sorted by color. Of his own choosing, he prefers them sorted by color. Organized and aligned to the best of his ability, no matter how long it takes him.
He organizes things.
He chooses to sort things.
Given that sorting and organizing anything is such a chore to Julian and never something he chooses to do without much prompting--whether it be magnets, M&Ms, or even thoughts, it's a task that I am so happy to see Grey conquering with such ease.
People say parents shouldn't compare their children to each other and I understand that premise to a certain extent, but having never had a child who progressed at the expected pace, I can't help but look at these indicative emerging skills and have cause for a hope I've never had before. It's an odd feeling. It hurts and it feels great all at the same time. It's like laughing and crying at the same time. Confusing as heck...
Happy Friday.
Pray for snow.
Both the flakes we saw today melted before touching down.

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