Trivial Amusement of Croutons

Heathy-er eating and cooking is a constant challenge for me. I've made some pretty serious lifestyle adjustments in this area over the past three years and I feel like I'm finally to a place where I'veacheived a happy-ish medium. Not too indulgent but not completely cardboard and leafy things either. Balance. Gotta find the balance.

Everyone knows Paula Deen (Paula's Home Cooking on Food TV) is the queen of *un*healthy cooking. The woman is known for her indulgent use of butter and her southern fried ways but yesterday's show on Comfort foods surely must have taken heart-clog to a new level. Her recipe for Croutons includes frying them. Frying. in. Oil.

I must confess I had no idea that croutons were/could be fried. I've actually made them before (although I usually just buy a small box) and the recipe I used instructed one to baked them. Being brushed with butter is bad enough but deep frying. My heart is constricting at just the thought.

Fried French Bread...oh my. With Parmesan For the record, I'm sure they are positively delicious (we are talking about French Bread and could you go wrong?) but would it really be that much better than baking?

I'm thinking not. At least that's what I'm telling myself. :)

No snow yet. Dang it. Looks like in order to have some snow in these parts we're going to have to buy it off ebay.

Happy Thursday.


Connie said...

Sorry you didn't get any snow, Sarah. We had a dusting here when we got up, but it's all gone now.
It was enough for Colin to get excited, though. That, and the fact that he didn't have to go to school!

Mimi said...

I hope you get some snow soon.

My favorite salad at a local restaurant has polenta croutons, I suspect they are fried, but boy are they yummy.