Making masterpieces from pixels...or trying to...

So I've been commissioned to work on a small tribute/thank you album. Normally, I enjoy these projects but this time I'm having some *issues*.

It's a 9x9 book.

When I started the project I was assured that I would have a grand supply of photos to work with. This is true, however, unfortunately the keeper of the photos did not keep the hi-res files...only the really-low-res ones, suitable for printing in very small sizes (ie in a company newsletter).

So, in order to avoid extreme amounts of blur and pixelation, I have to print the photos as wallets. I'm worried this is going to loook drastically odd on a 9x9 page.

Maybe 6x6 would be better.

Yes, these are the perplexing questions that keep me up until 2 am.

Now you know...

Do I need QK Star Mini Uppercase? For $50? It's listed on one of the scrapbook garage sale sites and I am so tempted. I like Star. Do I know anyone close by with Star mini?

Grey learned to skate today on a pair of in-line skates handed down from his brother. What a cutie! He was so proud of himself too.

And can you keep a secret? I am wearing the smallest pair of jeans in my closet...the "Skinny Jeans" I haven't worn in a very long time. And they are a little baggy. Gotta love that! :) They are a full 4--yes, four...sizes smaller than the largest pair of pants that I was wearing less than 7 weeks ago. I need to go shopping for temporary clothes and for the first time in a while, I'm not dreding it.

To what do I owe this small miracle? It's thanks mostly to the marvels of modern medicine--a new diabetic injection called Byetta. It's made from the saliva of a Gela Monster. Yeah. A lizard's spit. Grand huh. Doesn't that make you wonder how on earth scientists discovered it's medicinal qualities for diabetics? I'm sure if I was a scientist, lizard spit would be the first thing on my list of things to study... but I'm grateful to the mad scientist who decided spit was it...cause it sure has changed my life.

No more hairloss.
No more gastro-intestinal distress.
No more blurred vision.
No more gagging on horse pills 4 times a day...well, I stop there. It was bad. The previous meds were a nightmare that went on for too long without success. It feels good to be living "on the straight and narrow" with success again.

The thing about being diabetic is that success breeds success but failure breeds failure. The cycle of failure can be devastating and when you are in it, it feels impossible to break. Successfully controlling this disease is no small feat--it tends to "take over" in many areas but I am grateful that success has been acheived again. It feels really good.

I can't take all the credit. Joal has played a huge role in this lately. He's been an amazingly patient and supportive and non-judgemental and understanding husband. He has endured and he has loved the hard parts of me with grace and compassion. He has helped me to find hope again. I am so indebted to this man.

Happy "Skinny" Wednesday!


Laurie said...

way to go on the "skinny jeans"!
Happy to hear of the benefits with this new med. for you. You know, God is awesome, he created that lizard for more than running around eating inscents! Love that!

I'm sure your album is going to be fabulous! Don't stress.. :0)

Anita said...

WOOOO HOOOO !!!!! You go girl! I am soo happy for you....lizard spit and all!!

Heather said...

Sarah... love the comment about the lizard spit. I am a wonderer and often wonder how on earth people figure out the stuff that they do. Especially scientists.

If you want to make those pictures bigger I know a little trick to make low res pictures bigger without distortion. It should work. Peamail me and I will send you the info. I'm LittleHolle on 2P's.

Leigh Ann said...

I'm just thrilled that this new med is helping you so much! You must look and feel awesome. You go girl!

Christy B said...

CONGRATS! I hope this new lizard spit works for the long run!

Isn't it amazing what scientist will try. Rooster Cone instead of cortizone shots ... Rooster cone - what!?!?!?!

TracieClaiborne said...

Sarah - congratulations on your weight loss and praise God that you have found something to help you in your fight against diabetes. What a strange thing for that to be made out of!! Wow! I can't wait to see how gorgeous you are in person.