I'm not "Embracing Your Space".

So CK has been running this series of articles called "Embrace Your Space" for a while now. It's supposed to be an article about making a scrap space out of whatever space you might have. I like the concept but I have a few small complaints.

I think it's fluff.

The whole series--
Total fluff.

So far, it seems that the real point of the article is just "show me your collection of stuff"-- your containers and your massive heaps of scrap stuff. But wait. Before your space can be featured, it must be clean. Completely organized with *everything* stashed into cute little organizer boxes or cans or baskets.

Ab-normal-ly clean!

And you absolutely MUST have some words spelled out on your walls. Imagine. Dream. Create. Live. Art. Love.

Puh lease. Let's get creative, shall we?

I really wish they would show the artists *working* in their spaces. To me, having a nice neat organized-to-the-nines space is fine and good but kinda pointless if you can't use it that way. Most of the scrappers I know are not that neat. Creative types aren't usually neat. Some, obviously...but it's not a common thread.
I also wish there was less focus on the stuff. In this October issue there was a sizable photo of a rack of a gazillion Making Memories paint bottles. Somebody tell me the point of this? So someone owns 42 colors of overpriced scrapbook-band craft paint in cute bottles. How does that help me embrace my space?

I have extensive experience in the organizing field. I have taught classes on the topic and even been paid to help others do it. (I can organize...I just don't...for those of you who have seen my scrap space and are snickering right now.) If there's one thing I know it's that every scrapbooker has a unique set of needs for her space and a unique space in which to meet those needs. Blanket prescriptions are a waste of time and money.

I love CK but this one left me longing for something useful. I hate to think it, but I got the feeling that this article was one more way for CK to celebritize their artists. Why is there such a company focus on CK celebrity scrappers? I don't get it. Scrapbooking is not about who does it, is it? Do I care what kind of desk Donna Downey uses or where Miss NewThang shops for containers? Not a bit, actually. Maybe I'm just rebelious enough to *not* want the same words on my walls that every other scrapper on the CK planet seems to have. Aren't we supposed to be creative individuals...or do we just copy everything a celebrity scrapper does to be associated with the "in" club of scrapbooking?

Fluff. Total fluff.


Mimi said...

And, they all have huge dedicated scrap spaces, too.

Although, if a camera crew and came to clean my scrap space, you'd not find me complaining.

Anita said...

I am rolling now Sarah! You are as always, right on point! I love it and I love your do keep me balanced!

Connie said...

"do we just copy everything a celebrity scrapper does to be associated with the "in" club of scrapbooking?"

I think you hit the nail right on the head there, Sarah. I believe that there are lots of women out there (and probably some men, too) who do go out and buy everything they see in these types of articles, just because it's the "in" thing at the moment. Just like all those people who wait in long lines to get scrapping celeb autographs. Now granted, I did have my picture taken with Rebecca Sower, but I didn't wait in line to do it, and people I know are actually friends with her. Anyway, I like seeing people's spaces because it gives me ideas as to how to organize, but I never get around to actually organizing, because I'm too busy creating.

Christy B said...

I agree ..... although I have to admit, I like seeing other people space. I dream that mine could be that clean, I pull out specific ideas .... but I won't go out and buy all that stuff they have. Actually I don't even get CK mag anymore, I get Scrapbook Etc., but I buy CK whenever I see it, so I've seen a few of these articles.

Anonymous said...

Yes... so thankful someone else can vent what I was thinking... what is with the celebrity status creation? Marketing ploys mostly. Turn yourself into a brand is the new catch phrase. However, like you, my scrapbooking area is a mess! And rather than feel guilty about it, it would be nice if CK could offer actual assistance in helping those of us more creatively inclined and less organized.

Sheila in Seattle said...

I couldn't agree more! These articles are just designed to get you to covet! :)