Christmas Crafts and more

Christmas brings out the repressed crafty woman in me...every year. The boys and I are doing this tomorrow, as practice for my Sunday School children (if all goes well, I'm hoping to let them do it on Sunday):

Cinnamon Ornaments
1 cup of off-brand cinnamon
4 TBSP white glue
3/4 cup water

1) mix ingredients
2) chill two hours or so
3) roll out and cut with cookie cutters
4) use a straw to put holes in each ornament so you can tie a ribbon on it
5) let dry for a few days, turning ornament over often so it dries flat.

(Thanks to a fellow BHSA mom for the recipe.)

We are also working on Grandparent gifts. This year I wanted to do something cool and personal. (I am not a fan of "just buy them a gift certificate" except for certain people that I know love to shop...but that's another post.) My children *love* to the point of exhaustion. Both of them. It's a great day when we clear the work table, cover it with kraft paper and pull the paint brush box down! We're talking shreiks of joy!!

Given this penchant for paint, I have devised a plan. The boys have each been given six 7"x9" canvas boards to paint. I'll lend a hand here and there...but for the most part, they are painting freely.

After the painted boards are dry (really dry), I am going to scan each one, resize and print the images on textured cardstock. Then I will use these images to create a set of notecards. For Christmas, each person will receive one of the art boards, signed by the artist, of course, and a set of the notecards. I can't wait to do this!

In other news, if you are short on Christmas card should definately check out the holiday gallery at Impress Rubber Stamps. I adore this site! It's polished and pretty, but yet unpretentious and all their projects are easy to duplicate!

I think Christmas cards are getting a bad rap and I hate it. Last year we got about 6. What's up with that? We used to get dozens. I guess (sadly) people just don't do cards anymore? Uhhh. I love Christmas cards...such a sweet thing to find news and wishes in the mailbox from friends and family far and wide. My favorites are the ones from people we don't see very friends, people from places far away.

So here's my soapbox/sermon for the day...don't underestimate the value of Christmas cards. Store bought or handmade doesn't matter. Take the opportunity to sincerely wish your friends and family a beautiful holiday season and share a bit of your family with others. Maybe a photo too. Doesn't have to be a formal portrait...a telling snapshot is great. Take some time...or if you have to, make some time to catch up with friends and family this holiday season with a card, a photo or a note. It's a worthy investment.

And should you be in need of a bit of Christmas music to get your spirit flowing...check out the "It's Christmas Time" CD project by the City on a Hill crew. Now this is good music! It's a couple years old but a true joy to pull out each holiday. Among the artists are The Choir, Sixpence None the Richer, Terry Scott Taylor, Jars and one of Joal's favorite songwriters--Sara Groves, with some Michael Tait thrown in for great measure!

One of my favorite lines from the disc is:

And if we lose sight of your sweet face

At the birth of grace

At the birth of grace

Light of truth

Shine like Bethlehem's star

Lead us to where you are

Sho us who you are

Happy Tuesday!


Shanna C said...

I agree with you on the Christmas cards - I love to send them AND receive them! They're worth the expense to me.

BonnieRose said...

amen. I agree re the xmas cards.. I love sending them.. and even better, love getting somein the mail.. i wish ppl wud do it more! I love sending them, and I always will.. xmas music.. pick up the best of NAT KING COLE CHRISTMAS.. it's timeless.

Julie Ann said...

Thanks for the recipe!

Mimi said...

We get tons of Christmas cards, but then I mail out tons too.