Summer on a Stick

J is ecstatic!

Actually that’s probably an understatement but I can’t think of any word equal to the thrill he had today.

Our back yard backs up to another back yard/house. That house faces the “main drag” of our subdivision. While we can’t actually get to the street through their yard because of the fences, we can see the main street from our back yard. For weeks, the Singsong Ice Cream truck has come down the main street, playing its music and selling the most glorious summer treats. For weeks, every time the ice cream truck comes down main street, J hears the music and gets all excited. He comes bounding in the house to share the news, G hot on his heels.

“Mom, today’s gonna be the day. The ice cream truck is coming down our street!!”

“Ya think so?” (nevermind, the ice cream truck has not yet once ever come down our street)

“Do you have any cash?”

“Yeah, hold on.” (I go and get the $5 I’m hidden away for just such emergencies because it’s just my luck…the one day the ice cream truck magically appears on our street will be the day Mom doesn’t have any cash on hand…that would just be the worst!)

“Make sure you walk to the street and be sure to buy G something too.”


We have this conversation every single time we hear the music playing. I give him the money and he goes to sit on the front porch to wait (and, most likely, pray fervently).

My son is not known for his patience. In fact, he’s more often known for his lack of patience. But maybe it’s a lack of proper motivation because he will sit and wait on the front porch in hopes of the ice cream truck coming f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Seriously. I’ve had to force him to give up the vigil and come in at dark. Rain, sleet, hail, snow, darkness, tornado…takes more than unfavorable weather conditions to deter the hopes of a boy when it comes to ice cream.

So he waits.

And not once, this whole summer, has the beloved ice cream truck chosen to turn down our street.

Hopes have been dashed. Spirits plummet. Moping abounds. Nevermind that we have frozen yogurt in the freezer. There is no consolation for being neglected by the ice cream truck.

So yes, when we heard that famous music playing today, I was pretty skeptical. Even maybe a little perturbed. After all the times he’s been disappointed, I hate to see him go through this. I begrudgingly gave him the money and watched as he sat on the porch. My heart ached a bit. He’s so faithful.

I go about my business.

About ten minutes later I hear this incredible scream coming from the front porch. It’s followed closely by “Moooooooooom!!!!!!”

And that’s when I know. Today is *the* day.

Sure enough, the music has gotten louder than I’ve ever heard it before. J is off the porch and running full tilt down the driveway. Apparently he was listening when I said to walk, because about half way to the mailbox, he screeches to a halt for no apparent reason and looks back at me as he begins to walk ever-so-quickly towards the edge of our street.

The ice cream truck pulls up in front and stops. It takes a minute…then suddenly the windows fling open and a grandfatherly man with a smile the size of Dallas says “What can I get for ya, son?”

J eyes the treats shown on the board and points to the one he wants. The ice cream man hands him the treat (a chocolate and banana Bomb Pop) and takes his money.

Then J remembers his brother. “Greyson needs one of these.” he says.

The ice cream man gives him the other treat and his change.

He waves to me and closes up shop to move on down the road.

J brings the treasured ice cream treats back towards G and me. He’s wearing the biggest smile!! We go inside to gather up some napkins and a bowl for G.

The boys enjoy their ice cream at the picnic table in the back yard. It’s 90-something degrees outside today but neither seem to notice. They are laughing at each other as the try desperately not to allow a single drop of their fast-melting ice creams to go un-enjoyed.

Yep, ladies and gentlemen. That is the perfection of summer…right there on a stick and dripping down the elbows of two little boys!

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Nicole said...

I sure hope you took pics to commemorate such a moment!