Happy! Happy! Happy! Thou shalt be Happy!

What a day! or maybe more appropriately, what a morning! Last night I couldn't sleep. Around midnight I came down to my workspace to keep from disturbing Joal with my insomnia. I thought I'd stay a few minutes and them go back to bed. Ha!!!

At 4:55 AM - just before the sun and the sons began to rise, I finished up a slew of cards I have been working on and made myself go to bed.

It's funny how just doing things you love refreshes your soul.

Here's one of my cards, completed for the LaPluma Team Monthly Swap:

This card features LaPluma stamps and All My Memories paper. If you haven't checked out the LaPluma stamps...well, of course, you should. The Dial-a-Word stamp is too cool. Quick, very functional--and could serve as a weapon if needed! (Sorry. I know this is starting to sound like a commercial...)

Haven't seen the Dial-a-Word stamp?? Well try this on for size. Remember, a long time ago - just after the dinosaurs, before the libraries were computerized. The librarian actually used a date stamp to stamp the due date into the card that you signed your name too. (Yeah, that was the original use of library cards and pockets, before scrapbooking!) Well, that date stamp was adjustable. To change the date, you roll up the correct numbers on the band. The Dial-a-Word band stamp opperates on the same idea, only it's about ten times bigger!! Big! Big! Big! It can handle a phrase of up to 12 characters or spaces. See the words "Put on Your" on my card? Yep. You guessed it. Created that phrase using this big momma of a stamp!! (OK, advertisement over.) :)

PS. The little black discs separating the patterned paper from the pink paper are sequins, a trim I found at JoAnn. Black. Shiny. I wish the sparkle had come thru on the scan.

Ok, for real this time...back to my usual blogging.

Stamped a-l-o-t today. When one is on a creative just keeps on working. I realized today that I love a good juicy ink pad. So, I re-freshed (some call it re-inking) all my ink pads today. All four of them. (I really need to go shopping for some new ink colors.) I also found my Staz-On pad stashed away in a drawer of other things. Black of course. So tonight I am stamping on transparencies. Very cool! (I know. I'm behind the times a bit.)

Hey, can someone please tell me how to get Staz-On ink *off* my stamps?? or um, does it *Staz-On* the stamps too??

One other thing: I just want to say a thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post comments on my little blog lately. I love love love getting your comments, thoughts, jokes...heck, even a little criticism every now and again is ok too. Makes my day!

Have a happy morning!!


Janelle said...

Very cute card! I hadn't heard of LaPluma stamps, thanks for the info.

About Staz-On...I have heard that Staz-On makes a cleaner for their inks, but I have never tried it. For me, it just "staz-on." LOL.

Brandie said...

Loving that card!

TracieClaiborne said...

Sarah - You definitely need Staz-On Cleaner. We sell it! You can find it anywhere that sells Staz-On usually. Hope that helps! Love your card girlie! I wanna dial stamp!

Holly said...

Staz On is a solvent ink so you need a solvent based cleaner. Staz On makes their own brand, but there are SOOOO many out there. Worse case - use alcohol, simple green, etc. but then be sure to really get it off as it can dry your stamp out. Yes, I'm a stamper first!