Cuts Like Butter, I Tell Ya.

If you have a reason to cut out un-mounted rubber stamps, you simply must acquire a pair of Kai Scissors. Oh my goodness! They cut rubber like it was butter. Trying to cut rubber with regular scissors is about like using a hack saw on your hair. The results are just not good.


Don’t cut rubber without them.

Incidentally, none of the stores in this area carry Kai and I was surprised at this. Even the ones that carry un-mounted rubber sheets regularly didn’t have them. (They sell for about $20. If you need a source, let me know.)


TracieClaiborne said...

Chris that owns Postmodern Design stamps actually gave me a pair of these last year. I was shocked! They are definitely perfect for cutting unmounted stamps.

Leigh Ann said...

I love my Kai scissors too! They made swift work of the four sets of SU stamps I had sitting around, waiting to be mounted. Thanks for sending me that link!
Leigh Ann =)