It's Time for Murphy to Go Away!

Why does “stuff” happen at the worst possible time? I don’t get it. I mean, here we are, walking peacefully along the path of life and b-o-o-m! Suddenly, it all breaks loose.

What causes this stuff?

What did I do?

In just the past few days, the red Jeep got sick, the clothes washer went on strike and the refrigerator has declared it’s about to go for an extended vacation. Did I mention the white Jeep’s AC decided to be uncooperative during the first really hot week of the summer?

Oh yeah, and I was so sick that Joal had to be off from work for four days last week.

Granted. Nothing on this list is earth-shattering. In the scheme of things, these are issues but not big deals. I just can’t help but wonder, why does it all happen at one time??

What did I do?

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Nancy said...

I hate when things happen all at once. Sounds like you were hit pretty hard by Murphy! I hope things improve soon!