Adventures in Aisle 6!!

Going to the grocery store can be an adventure. Did you know that? (Yes, it's official. I need to get a life.)

Once in a blue moon, I wait to do my grocery shopping until late in the evening, after the boys are gone to bed. I can go alone (leaving sleeping boys with DH)…it’s peaceful and less crowded, because, let’s face it, the grocery store is not the hip place to be at 9 o’clock on Saturday night.

But an adventure, nevertheless.

I enjoy it because I can explore the aisles, looking at things I don’t usually buy. I get sucked into the ethnic foods aisle and usually the spices aisle. Tonight I read some of those recipe cards in the produce section. I read labels in the soup section for at least ten minutes. (No, there is no such thing as a really healthy cream-based canned or jarred soup.) Sheepishly, I’ll admit to lingering a little longer than normal in the area of the magazines. I rarely buy magazines but tonight I browsed a bit thru a few home décor issues. I resisted the urge to place Martha Stewart Livings in front of some of the issues with risqué covers...I’ve always wanted to do that.

It’s less expensive for me to shop alone. Gee, there’s a surprise. No little people asking for faux fruit things, character cereal or boxed juices. No fathers buying frozen yogurt.

To some it might seem odd that one would take such pleasure in two leisurely hours spent exploring the aisles of Publix…but I rather liked it.

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