Moore Geoff...{yes, it's becoming a theme}

Brokeness and Self-Loathing Ahead...You've Been Warned!

This song sums up how I feel tonight. I hate being Diabetic. There. I said it. And typed it. I hate that it makes me different. I hate that it makes me feel ill and grumpy. I hate that in many ways it's my own fault. I hate that my family has had to adjust to compensate for this. I hate that I am having no luck in changing it. I hate that I have such little will-power and such terrible eating habits. I hate having needle tracks in the tips of my fingers. I hate that it never for one minute goes away. I hate that it sets such panic into the eyes of the man who loves me.

I'm entitled to complain. I walked on the treadmill at least one session every day this week--sometimes two. I have monitored what and when I eat very carefully all week. I have swallowed horse pills three times each day. And still the numbers betray me. Imperfections, indeed.

Love the One You Live In

Take a look in the mirror baby
You may not like what you see
Imperfections are running rampant
You’re not what you want to be
Your eyes just seem to wander
Everywhere you go
Your tongue is always speak
With a mind of its own
When you’re feeling out of control
Don’t ya know He’s planned it all so carefully
What you are, oh is
What He ment you to be

You gotta love the one you live in
That’s where it’s gotta begin
If you’re ever gonna know Him
Know Him, know Him
You gotta love the one you live in

It’s your brother standing over there
You know he needs your help
But you can never comfort him
Until you love yourself
No matter what failures come
Don’t you run
Until you see what He’s put there
And you’ll know how the Father really cares.

Gordon Kennedy, Geoff Moore and Billy Smiley
© 1985 Songs of Polygram International, Inc./Yellow Jacket Music Inc/BMI/ASCAP/ All rights reserved. Used by Permission. © 1986 Benson Music Group, Inc. Geoff Moore-Over the Edge (PWRO-PWO1080). Produced by Billy Smiley.

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