Scrap Philosophy

Whatever I manage to get accomplish used in the way of scrapbook tasks in my lifetime will just have to be enough. 

I'm not behind. I have lots of stories waiting to be recorded but I am not behind. Remember, I'm making a life as well as a scrapbook about that life.

While I love that some future descendant may glean enjoyment from my scrappy craft, I do it because I love it. If no one ever loved it, I would still do it. It makes me happy.

The stories I manage to capture will just have to be enough for the future.

If there are big events that don't make it into my scrapbook, so be it. 

I don't owe my sons a certain number of pages about their childhoods.

If my grandmother had been a scrapbooker, (at 89 she hasn't taken up this hobby so I don't really think she's going to catch the bug in this lifetime)  you wouldn't hear me complaining about what she didn't include in her scrapbook.  No way, no how.

I would be happy as a clam with whatever she decided to include.

I expect it to be that way with my heirs. I do what speaks to me. I tell the stories I value. 

And that will just have to be enough.

That's today's bit of Scrapbooking philosophy.


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