Scrapbooking Around

Buckle up, dear friends.
I'm about to put forth a bold proposition.

What if you didn't scrapbook your children?

What then?

I hear it all the time.
I scrapbook for my children.
Each child has his own scrapbook.
I scrapbook all the big events so they will remember.
I want them to know how loved they were when I am gone.

Clearly, these are all very valid and altruistic reasons to create scrapbooks. 

But what if you took a break from scrapbooking for the children and a break from scrapbooking anything child-related?

Could you do it?
Could you find something more to scrapbook? 

Lately I've been examining the why--why do I do this and I've come to the conclusion that there is more to my love for paper crafting than "I do it for the sons." 

Oh don't get me wrong.
These boys were raised up right. The scrapbook genetics are strong with those two and they know that mama is a scrapbooker and she is going to take your photo whenever she pleases. 

However, I wear many hats and I lived a life before I was their mom. And since. Surely, my scrapbooks should bear that out. 

So for right now, I'm taking a break from scrapbooking all things boy-related. I'm going to stretch into topics and stories that are important to me.

In other news, The Scrap Gals (Tiffany and Tracie) talked extensively about my Facebook diatribe about people pushing hurried-ness upon me and it was a lovely conversation. You should check out this week's episode over on iTunes. 

Don't rush me.

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