There's no home for the beach.

Now there's an odd statement.
There's no home for the beach.
What I mean is "there is no home for the beach in my home."

I found some silver-plated shells at Target.
They are beautiful.
I thought they would be a perfect way to bring a bit of the beach to my space.
I assembled a plate and some sand and carefully beached the shells.
I set the plate on my desk.
It got sloshed by the flow of papers and projects.
I took it to my bedroom, to see if the nightstand would make a good home.
No, definately not. Too much stuff there already.
I took the beach to the kitchen.
So now it's back on my desk.
And there are grains of sand in my Quickutz dies.
I think perhaps the beach is going to be relocated from the plate to a bowl.

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