Pictures from Daniel

The above was taken on Veteran's Day...the boys attended an outdoor parade to celebrate. (Andy on the right).

Airborne--all the way!

**Note: Both pictures stolen from Daniel's Facebook--there are others if you want to go there to see more click here.

I'm departing on Friday morning for a quick visit. I know updates have been a little sparce recently...stuff just doesn't change as fast as it once did as far as blog-worthiness news items. Being there with Andy may alleviate some of the info-clog. :)

Andy's address (by request):

James A. Haley Veterans Hospital

13000 Bruce B. Downs Blvd

Tampa FL 33612

SCI-D47-2 James Andrew Burnett


Deanna said...

I saw these pics on Andy's Facebook. He looks so great and boy he looks handsome in his uniform.

Ivana Clay said...

Army Andy is soooo handsome! :) (shhsh, don't tell my DH!) I tagged you over on my blog. Check it out and post if ya have time. Happy Thanksgiving!