Daniel and Andy had another outing on Tuesday--to the mall where Andy reportedly dove head-long into some intense "retail therapy". :) New acquisitions included a new shirt, some sunglasses and cologne. It was a good trip out and there was marked improvement in the transitions.

Intense physical therapies continue with progress coming slowly. The work is hard but Andy's highly motivated and the ability to get out and go keeps him pushing on.

The paperwork for the driving test has been filed and it's possible that the driving test will happen within the next week.

There was some discussion of "moving" but Andy's going to continue his rehab in Tampa for the forseeable future. While both Andy and Daniel are wishing for home, the unit in Tampa is a safe strong environment and a good base for now. Morale is high and there's a great deal of comfort in the familiar. No date of departure has been set.

Daniel noted that while they both miss East Texas, the weather in Tampa is a wonderful consolation--yesterday it was a breezy 77 degrees--in Novemeber!

The boys send their appreciation for the care packages that have been sent. Not only do they enjoy the contents and the excitement that is "mail call", they have become known for their generous sharing of the contents. Goodies help make friends. :)

Daniel finally ventured out and found himself a good Nazarene church to attend as he is able and like any good Nazarene church, they've adopted Daniel quickly. The second time he attended there was a potluck meal--Daniel l-o-v-e-s church potluck meals and they have made him feel warmly welcomed.

The blood pressure issues are decreasing in intensity as Andy's body adjusts to the ups and downs. This is a very good thing.

Andy has enjoyed visits from some of his fellow soldiers--Daniel said two of his buddies drove down from jump school at Fort Benning (GA) for a visit. Andy is encouraged and enlivened by these visits. Daniel says he can see the difference that it makes in Andy's spirit when his fellow soldier stop by.

Both Andy and Daniel are very future-oriented right now--looking towards the best possible future for both of them. There are many things to do and decisions to be made. Andy's striving for as much independence as he can handle--chomping at the bit, Daniel says.

The main area for prayer is for the upcoming holidays. Understandably, holidays mean shifted and disrupted therapy schedules and lightened workloads for Army personnel. Conversely, this lightened load gives Andy more free time, which is not always a good thing. Pray for him to be strong in mind as well as to continue to build strength in his body, even with the lighter sessions.

That's all for now...

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~Mary Colovich~ said...

Thanks for all of the updates. Sorry I've been off the radar for a while but I'm glad things are progressing. Your Blog is such an inspiration to me...