Darn Commercials Makin' Me Cry

McDreamy is the voice of this State Farm COmmercial...but it's the visual that makes me cry every single time it plays.

In scrapbooking news, if you've been contemplating the Nestabilities dies, here is an excellent source. I'm playing with Labels One and Two and the Stars tonight...and they were definately worth the wait.

Little dude is learning to dribble a basketball and in the process has managed to jam up 9 of his ten fingers. Poor guy. Not to mention, he's still sick, so he's stuck inside. I'm considering building some kind of outhouse for sick children. When one gets sick, one is secured in the outhouse for the duration. I'll deliver food. And maybe dress in a hazmat suit for a hug or two. I'm so tired of short people making tall people sick.

And maybe I would pretend to be sick for my own vacay to the out house. Hmmm. This idea might have potential. We do have a big backyard, afterall.

Anyway...short wave note to my mother and sister: did you know that ooey gooey butter cake is the same thing as a Chess Cake? I seriously had no idea. Bought a mini-Chess Cake (the size of a brownie) at the bake sale at school and learned that some people call OGBC "Chess Cake". Who knew?



Mimi said...

I've only heard of, not seen a Chess Cake.

And, I don't know what nestabilities are, clearly I need to do some shopping.

And, I also didn't know that McDreamy was the voice on that, but now that you point it out, I see it clearly.

Mark said...

Sarah & Joal,
just wanted you to know we're still praying for Andy & keep us posted, OK?
Mark & Pat McDowell