A very happy fourth!

We watched fireworks this evening with some friends and Joal's parents. This was the best fourth of July I think we've ever had. It wasn't outrageously hot or was comfortable in fact. Friends and family...that's what it's all about.

It made me think of my brother in AFG, who sees a different kind of fireworks too often for my liking. I'm counting the days until August. (Godspeed little brother.)

Have you used the QK Exotic Island font yet? I ordered it tonight for the 08 Cruise book...can't wait to get it. Speaking of my cruise book project...I am so overwhelmed by it right now. This big stack of photos is just looming over me like a basket of bricks...I can't seem to pick it up and get started. Maybe a new QK alpha will help. :)

I have a bazillion things to do next week, the most dreaded of which is to clean out my MSN mailbox. I've had my MSN address for maybe 6 or 7. It has thousands of emails in it.

Yes, I said t-h-o-u-s-a-n-d-s. Some I need to keep which means they have to be forwarded to my new account. Some can be trashed. Ugh. Tediousness makes me nuts.

Anybody need some ribbon? I have some ribbons that need new homes...leave me a comment telling about your favorite use of ribbons and I'll send you some ribbons. :)


Tina B. said...

WOW the first person to comment...a first for me LOLOL. I love love love ribbon...I use it all the time for just about every book I do, I use at least ribbon on 5-6 pages. Thank you for the giveaway.

Mimi said...

What a gorgeous photo of you!

I have plenty of ribbon, though, than you!

Betty said...

Hi Sarah,

Just me lurking around. It's been a long time since the Memory Box days. I remember your 9/11 class.
The boys sure are growing up fast and you look great!

Ribbon is an awesome staple in my stash. Can't resist using it on cards, tags, layouts just about everything. I have plenty, but I wanted to peek in and say Hi!

Michele said...

Just saw the posts about your brother. Oh my gosh. I am anxiously awaiting to hear news. Keep the faith. Remember he is in God's hands. Read Exodus 15:26 for comfort and strength. Love ya girl!