And finally, one last phone call from Dad tonight...

Thursday night

One last note for the night--I spoke to my Dad on the phone for a bit and he gave me some updated information. Tomorrow Andy will be moved to a regular room for what they anticipate will be a 7-10 day stay before he leaves Walter Reed. Andy smiled some today and even laughed a little at times. He's watched a movie or two and told Dad that he wanted to watch Hogan's Heroes at bedtime. (It's a pre-requisite that all Burnett's are old classic tv lovers.) Daddy and Andy have talked alot lately about all kinds of things, but especially about the future. Andy still seems undaunted by it.

He was visited by a 2-star General today. Daddy said that he could see Andy "slip back into his uniform" mentally when the general stepped in his room. I saw that too, when I was there. He straightens his posture (to whatever degree he can), he gets his manners in place, his is all about the yes sir and no sir and he's tough as nails.

There's an error I need to clear up...I wrote earlier that the Army's Spinal Cord injury units for rehab were in Tampa, San Diego and Maryland. That is incorrect. Andy has three units to choose from that are specially staffed and equipped to deal with spinal cord injuries in the Army. All three 30-bed units are located in Texas--Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. That's sure to put a smile on Texas-boy's face. :)

Daddy was careful to tell me that Andy's looking better--his lips have healed, his complextion is improving, and the color returning to his face. I'm looking forward to seeing that all for myself soon.

Pray for a peaceful night and may you have one too.

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