Tuesday morning

Andy had a difficult night and is having a difficult morning. It's a roller coaster for sure today. He needs rest and a clear head. Pray for these things.


Bee said...

Still thinking of you all and praying for you. Thanks for posting the specifics of what to ask for. Sorry I haven't left a comment in a day or so (friend passed away suddenly (age 48) on Sunday so we've been helping out in that area), but I've thought of you often. I know from the times I was with my parents in Bethesda as my dad was undergoing cancer treatment, it's easy to feel so detached from the "real" world and what's going on at home. And your torn between feeling the need to be both places. Just know you're dong the right thing. Andy needs you and I'm sure it's a comfort to your parents for you to be there w/him on their behalf. (Saying a prayer for Joal and the boys too as I'm sure they're concerned about Andy and you too.) Thanks for keeping us updated. I mentioned Andy in our SS class for prayer on Sun morning.
Lots of love!

Christy B said...

Sarah - praying for your brother and family and specially strength for you has you are his personal nurse .... he could ask for no better!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing these intimate moments. We are so blesed by your words and can only hope and pray that God's will be done. We are praying for you and your family and keeping you in our daily thoughts. Again, thank you for the updates.
Brad & Mary