So back to scrapbooking for just a moment...

My favorite scrapbook store closed a little while ago. I was heart-broken. Rather than drive so far to the other stores in my area I thought I would give a monthly kit-club a try. Every month a box of coordinated scrapbook goodies is to arrive on my doorstep. It's like shopping without the drive time. :) Good, right?

July was my first month to receive a kit and I loved it. Very cool stuff. Fast-forward to August. The teaser photo is up on the website this morning, first thing. OK, so I know that a subscription is always a risk. I'm OK with that. I'm not blown away with this kit but I can use it. My beef is that all the "add-on"--coordinating ribbons, stamps and extra paper are already sold out. Where's the fun in that? Plan ahead...go big or go home. Don't think that this is a good marketing ploy. It's not. It's making me want to not continue my membership.

Ya'll know I like 2peas. Always have. I've been hanging out there for years, mainly because peas are real. If something stinks, they will call you on it. In a heartbeat. Bad product gets called bad product. Great products become legendary at 2peas. So I'm a little turned off by all the sappy sweetness of other boards...the rah rah rah of every single thing like it's breaking news and pure genius...the "our design team can do nothing less than spactacular" mentality is lost on me. And no, I don't leave fake praise.

Why can't someone come up with a QK-based monthly kit club?

I can't win today. I think I need to go for a walk.


Deanna said...

I am a 2peas fan too, but I am a big digi-scrapper. I couldn't get past my OCD and cut my real papers. Ha!

Mimi said...

I usually order either Jenni Bowlin or Cocoa Daisy, but I do not subscribe to either.

I also am in a monthly CTMH club.

Pam said...

Take a look at Club Scrap. They don't run out except on maybe one kit a year. They even provide free instructions for the creatively-challenged (not that YOU need this, Sarah!), as well as coordinating card sets, WM & UM stamps, embellies and more. I'm not affiliated, but I'd like to be. Sabrina knows lots about this company too! It's

Good bumping into you the other week at H.Lobby...

Lisa Spiegel said...

Hi, Sarah...if you're talking about LRS, you can email Maegan ahead of time that you want the add ons, you don't have to wait for the reveal. Usually in the kit guess thread you can find out ahead of time what will be in them. Hope this helps for next month (Sept) because you will NOT want to miss out on that one.