Andy's always been the kind of man for whom the world was just barely big enough to hold. Everything he's ever done he has done with bigness. When he plays, he plays hard. When he takes something on, his red head is in it to win. When he fights, you can plan to lose. When he loves you, you know it down deep.

The surgery is done and prelim reports indicate that his legs may have suffered some damage. Several vertabrae in his back are in bad shape. He's not yet awake from surgery.

He may be to Walter Reed by Sunday...or as late as Tuesday.

I'm grateful for the notes and prayers and I will in time respond to each one. I will write the stories that have already come out of this experience and I get the feeling that there will be many more. Writing is kinda what I do...but right now, I just wanted to post the basic info so as not to leave ya'll hangin'.

Daddy says that no matter what comes Andy's way with regards to any physical damage, legs do not define a man. What has always defined Andy, can not be taken away with a bullet. It's far more eternal than that.


Bee said...

Sounds like Andy is full of life and that will carry him far. Sounds like your Dad is pretty special too. And I know you are - so I'm not surprised to learn these two things about two of the guys in your family. Thanks for the latest update. Still praying and have told others and will continue to do so. I'm sure the past 24 hrs have been an eternity but yet a whirlwind. I'm praying things can calm now somewhat and you all catch your breath and have peace. Love to you all!

densgirl96 said...

Thanks for the update. Praying that God holds you all close to His heart and that your trust deepens as you walk through this trial. Love, Dawn