When I said to share...this is not what I intended.

When I taught my children to share, I must have forgotten to specify that that rule of sharing does not apply to the flu.

Yes. Bless their hearts. They have graciously shared their flu with their mom.

Lucky me.

And after all I did for them.

But wow. Have you heard of Tamiflu? The last time I had the flu, it lasted for 9 days and I lost 16 pounds. I was in the bed for 4 days straight. It was seriously bad.

This time, with the Tamiflu, I am feeling better after 2 days in bed. Which is a good thing considering we are leaving tomorrow and it will take something a heck of a lot bigger than a virus to keep me off that ship. I might consider staying home if I'm...oh maybe if someone official declares me *dead*...maybe. Otherwise, I'm going. LOL!

Seriously. I am starting to feel better and the boys are getting back to health too. What could have been extremely dreadful has been avoided. I am so grateful.

Tamiflu. If you start to get the flu--it started with fever and chills for all of us--don't hesitate. It's $100 well spent, if you ask me.

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