The formerly recessive shoe gene is dominating!

The countdown is on--10.5 days to embarkation! I think most of all right now I'm just looking forward to the uninterupted sleep. Yes, I know that's just terrible...

I think this dress from Nordstom (I've gotten hooked on their $5 flat-rate shipping) is positively sheek - I wish it wasn't strapless. I'm infatuated with embroidered things lately.

I'm in full-on class mode right now, which is why I haven't posted any scrapbook-ish things lately. I made a set of sympathy cards for Joal today (by request) but forgot to take pictures of them. (He has had need of several sympathy cards lately...not a good thing to need nor an easy thing to make.) At one point, I was really close to asking him to just go buy some at the card store...I get so critical of myself and my art when it comes to sharing with non-family and/or people I don't really know. There's a certain level of what's the word...nakedness, maybe...that comes with sharing something you make with your hands. When you send some gentle creation forth into the wild blue...not knowing how it will be can certainly bring forth a hint of nervousness. I managed to get through it...but boy, Hallmark almost got some $$ out of me on those.

I'm so ready for this cruise. I am manicured, pedicured (yes, I did...for the first time in my life!), and have a new hair-do (super short perm). If it's true that a woman needs more shoes on vacation than any other time of the year, I'm certainly good to go with 3 pairs of flip-flops (all sparkly and beaded, perfect for looking slendid on the deck), 3 pairs of heels for evenings...(red patent, blue and black), 1 pair of silver flats for the formal evening and 2 pairs of casual shoes (slides and walking shoes--because someone's husband thinks he's going to convince her to actually walk on this trip--ha! Good luck with that one, buddy. Walk to the upper deck, maybe.). I haven't bought/had this many pairs of shoes in the past three years combined...not sure what's up with that.

The red shoes I confess I really didn't need, per se, but there they were, all red and shiney and calling my name. And they were on sale. (That's good, right.) I haven't worn red heels in ages...but I like these. Maybe next time, we'll go a little bolder in the red shoe department. Yes?

OK probably not.

Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. :)

As a girl who grew up mostly in the 80's, you can imagine my astonishment when I ran across something like these in Khol's! I had no idea that Jelly shoes had made a return trip to popularity--disgusting sweat-mongers that they are. :) Frankly, I think this is proof that little girls know nothing of good fashion. :)

I like how the description says "glittery uppers for extra sparkle"..cause heaven knows you must have as much sparkle as possible on your uppers. LOL!
Ah yes, the lovely 80s fashion rewind...
Well, things to do...things to pack.
Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Mimi said...

I think it looks awesome. - it'll undormant your shoe gene, trust me!

TracieClaiborne said...

You really need to post a recent picture of yourself. Your feet too. Show that pedicure off! LOL