That painting...and something about six degrees

Desperation will make you do crazy things, but sometimes crazy gets lucky! You should know that I NEVER forward anything to my whole email collection but I was absolutely in need...So a few days ago I sent out this urgent email to all my local friends, acquaintances and basically anybody who's email address I've ever had, who live in the middle part of my state:

Hi all. I never send anything to my entire local address book but I hope you will understand just this once I hope you can help, even though perhaps it's a long-shot.

A week or so ago I was waiting to check out at Hobby Lobby in Franklin when I noticed the painting that the woman in front of my was holding. It was a beautiful multi-colored heart done in oil with the words to John 3:16 scribed around the outline of the heart. My simple description probably doesn't sound very impressive but I tell you, it was absolutely stunning. The use of multiple colors inside the heart and the way the words of that sacred verse just grabbed me.

I was taken with it - so much so that even though I never talk to strangers in line like that - I simply had to ask her if she had painted it. She said she was not the artist, but that she had had it framed. She said it was painted by a local Brentwood artist name Holly Rogers (at least I think that's what she said, I was distracted by trying to check out by this time). She volunteered to give this artist my name and number if I was interested. I wrote down my name, phone and email and gave it to her.

It's been a week and I haven't heard from this artist. I know - I should probably be more patient but I'm not. I have done every google search I can come up with to find a Brentwood oil-painter artist named Holly (Holle, Hollye, etc) and I'm not having any luck. So, if any of this sounds familiar to anyone you may know...I sure would appreciate some help. Forward this to anyone you know that you think might be able to point me in the right direction.

Remember, I'm not even positive that Holly Rogers is the name she said. I was distracted by the check out person, the boys and the painting...I'm just hoping that someone knows something.

With great appreciation,

So I sent out my email and prayed. And guess what. One of the moms from pre-k saw the painting on display at the Y and got the artisits name for me. It is Holly Rhodes and the painting is up for auction in a benefit for the YMCA.

So with that information, I found out that this artist also does work for
And a version of the heart is shown on their website.

Yes, it's true.
The web is a small small world!